Ivie Media is a media agency specialising in developing compelling and results driven media campaigns for SME’s and Corporate Enterprises looking to maximise their current media spend on radio advertising, out-of-home advertising and TV advertising.

What we get up to

Data-driven media is imperative to your strategy, we get that. Growing brands is much more than simply our slogan. It is our driving force at Ivie Media. Data is analysed and utilised to improve decision-making across all results driven media buying that the team undertakes.


Radio Advertising

Ivie Media provides expert radio advertising solutions that will help you reach the right audience, maximize your budget and unlock the full potential of your brand.


TV Advertising

Ivie media is an innovative TV advertising agency that helps you create and execute the perfect TV strategy for maximum impact.

out-of-home -advertising

Out-of-Home Advertising

Ivie Media is the ultimate OOH solution for businesses looking to maximise their reach and get maximum return on their investments.


PR & Influencer Relations

Ivie Media’s goal is to attain measurable return on investment (ROI) by synchronising both conventional and digital marketing activities with a company’s strategic objectives.



Ivie media is the perfect production platform to make your creative vision a reality. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in copy writing/content creation for radio and TV, sourcing of voice-artists, managing full ad production/recording and final mixing and mastering.


Data Reporting

We recognize the significance of obtaining consumer behaviour insights for making informed business decisions. That’s why we use survey cross tab tools to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your target audience’s preferences, habits, and opinions.


Our Approach

Our approach is data and insights driven, fuelled by 20 years of collective experience in the team. Ivie Media promises a dedicated, personalized service, offering you more value for money through leveraging our network of media partners.

Extensive Media Experience

With extensive experience in media, the Ivie Media team is well-positioned to assist your business in driving effective, targeted brand awareness.

An Extension of Your Team

Functioning as an extension to your marketing team to achieve compelling and effective results for SMEs and Corporate Enterprises across radio advertising, out-of-home advertising and TV advertising


As a full-service agency, Ivie Media offers a broad range of services through-the-line (TTL) to support clients in achieving their business objectives. We promise a dedicated, personalised service and more value for money by leveraging our network of media partners to drive effective, targeted brand awareness.

We work with you every step of the way to not only craft your message, but to make sure that we’ve identified exactly who needs to hear it, creating dynamic media campaigns that deliver real results – time and time again.